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• Baume St Michel
• Cellulite treatment
• Cicagel
• Fluidermyl
• Ionophytase
• Myosport Argile
• Myosport bath
• Myosport gel
• Myosport lotion
• Oleacamphre
• Oleaspray
• Phlebotonic bath
• Phlebotonic
• Phytogyne
• Phytominceur bath
• Phytominceur

• Phytominceur gel
• Phytominceur lotion
• Phytoreducteur
• Phytoshave
• Post weight-loss
• Rhumaderm
• Rhumaderm bath
• Saponifluid
• Scandivap
• Sonoderm
• Sports kit
• Stockings
• Stress relief kit
• Travel kit
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Learn how to use our products to help YOUR clients.

We supply many therapists and are always happy to come to your premises and demonstrate the use of our products.

What do we do?

Simply treat yourself

Simply treat yourself

We have discovered an incredible range of treatments, manufactured in Grasse (home of the essential oil and perfume industry in France), that have been used for over 30 years by many European national sports teams. Developed by Jean Cailla for his own use as a physiotherapist, the wide range of applications for the products is still being discovered today!

The products are so effective and so simple to use that we agreed to become the UK importer 5 years ago.

ALL the products have been personally trialled and are supported by full laboratory testing and certification.

Jean Cailla

Not only do we supply the gels but we also host special training weekends for UK therapists eager to learn from Jean Cailla about his personal method of treatment. Whilst in the UK for these courses, Jean Cailla also holds open-door sessions for therapists to discuss individual client's requirements. For the latest dates and information about courses or open-door sessions, please telephone us.

For those of you who speak French, his site can be seen at Phytogamme

Introduction First Time Visitor?

All products used are natural and based on essential oils.

The oils are especially combined to target specific problems and ailments. Phytotec products are contained within a gel base to make them easy to apply at home. Non-greasy and very quickly absorbed through the skin, they are extremely effective and give a tailor-made treatment.

If you are new to our products, start with our overview to see what we can do for you.

We can help YOU

Have you a health problem you would like to deal with?

Whether it be aches or pains, varicose veins or circulation problems, there is no need to suffer in silence - no matter how long you've had them.

Specific Problem?

Have a look at a list of the most common symptoms & conditions that Phytotec products treat.

If you have a condition you cannot find on the list, please telephone (+44) 01420 560109 for advice - we have customers discovering new uses for our products every day!

Exhausted by trying new treatments without success?

Phytotec can tailor make a solution by combining gels - creating a specific treatment for your specific problem.

The gel base makes home application so simple you will soon be wondering why you didn't approach Phytotec for your personalized remedy long ago.
Exhausted by trying new treatments without success?

An aromatherapist looking for a specific oil?

Select the best product for your needs from the product contents table.


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